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Projects in Israel

משרד התחבורה.png
  • Micro-Simulation for passengers' flow in Yitzhak Navon underground station and interface with Jaffa and Shazar streets, light rail lines. The aim is to recognize bottlenecks in the pedestrian moving from the street to the platforms and vice versa, according to the architecture planning of the station and the railway operation regime.

  • Design of strategic program for the railway operation and service in Ayalon corridor. The program analyzes future directions for the Ayalon tracks development, which is the Israel rails bottleneck. Design of passenger service lines year 2020, using ETCS level 2 to maximize Ayalon capacity.

  • National Master Plan for freight transport: identify the needs from the customers` view, Israel`s government, trucks` companies.  Quantitative and commercial analyzing of freight transport in Israel-Railway, operational and other methods for raising the transport through trains. Ways to increase the efficiency of freight service by increasing the utilization of the rolling stock operate long trains, analyze technical constraints of rolling stock and locomotives.

  • Consulting Israel Ministry of Transportation in the area of Israel Railways' safety regulations. Examination and professional opinion to reports which comparing between the regulations of Israel Railways to Europe.

  • Examination of operational programs and consult of supervision about operational data of Israel Railway.

  • ‏Consult of rolling stock procurement policy, electric locomotives types and strategy for passenger trains.

  • Consult of work and rest hours of Railway`s drivers in terms of European directives.

  • Consult of procedure for railway lines closure due to infrastructure works.

  • Review, assemblage and analyze of Jordan`s tracks network.

  • Professional consult for variety of issues: Court appeal (Bagatz) concerning Beitar station, transport cement segments for Tel Aviv LRT, re-opening of Rosh Ha'Ain South station, work distribution between constructors for Jerusalem LRT project.

משרד התחבורה
Israel MOT
נת"ע - נתיבי תחבורה עירוניים

Consultation and design for the Tel Aviv light rail, for operation and maintenance issues:

  • Simulation of the purple line - length of about 30 km, 3 service lines.
    Planning a Rolling stock arrangement of 84 vehicles. operational-sensitivity Analysis of the switches location influence at Arlozorov station.

  • Simulation of internal movements in Holon Depot - Internal operation of the Depot that includes functions of washing, sand filling, Stabling, garages.

  • A variety of simulations in exceptional situations in the LRT operation - fire/security incidents in tunnels, closure of a track section in the street due to suspicious object, sensitivity analyzes for the LRT delays at railway-road crossroads.

  • Comprehensive operational plan for operating five (5) light rail lines – Red, Purple, Green, Yellow and Brown: analyze of ridership forecasts, definition of service lines, train`s headway, required fleet size, operational design of signaling systems, operational design of tracks, crossovers, stabling tracks, platforms, operation safety, stations' operation, control centers, depot operation, Service Quality Criteria, operating the "Red Line" in phases.

  • Operational design of: trains` timetable, arrangement and assigning rolling stock, platforms and tracks possession and rolling stock maintenance plan.

  • Master Plan for depot and workshops usage and track connections for the entire light rail lines and 6 depots spread in Tel Aviv metropolis.

  • Prepare Operation and Maintenance Program for the Brown Line depot (Maryland) and green line depot (Herzliya), analyzing aspects of: operational needs, workshops for light and heavy maintenance, Maintenance Of Way and more.

  • Operational simulation for Red Line`s south section and Green Line including: trains' timetable, vehicles allocation, platforms and tracks occupation, LRVs maintenance plan.

  • Process to achieve Permit to Operate (PTO), review of the type of operating companies of LRT/Metro systems within Europe.

  • Implementation of EN50126 (RAMS), ISA company (Independent Safety Assessor).

  • ‏Technical requirements for the LRV HVAC system.

  • ‏Technical and operational definitions for temporary terminus and inspection depot: requirements definition, required systems, location of systems, technical specifications, guidance of the designer, etc.

  • Professional review of the rolling Stock purchase and maintenance tender.

  • Requirements definition for driving simulator.

  • ‏During the rolling stock purchasing tender of the Red Line – Professional review of the operation plan.

רכבת ישראל
רכבת ישראל.png

Communication and Signaling Department:

  • Building of signaling planning process for new project or upgrade the exist signaling.

  • Preparation of projects files as part of ISO acceptance process.

  • Forming a new Signaling Procedures Book – collecting data from dozens of sources, description of the signaling systems and description of operation methods.

  • Working procedures to define responsibilities split between two Sig. & Comm. Departments. Subjects of: Design and build of signaling and telecommunication cables, electricity project, project transfer from design to build.


Coordination and Strategy department:

  • Master plan of the network tracks infrastructure for the year 2040, number of main tracks, track bypasses, location of freight terminals.

  • Operational plans for freight terminals, including design of tracks and operational areas scheme: Ashkelon freight terminal, Dimona freight terminal.

  • Operational plans of O&M depots, analyzing operational needs, light and heavy maintenance areas, storage areas, design of tracks and O&M areas scheme : Depot in the center of Israel (to replace the Bnei Brak depot), Dimona depot.

  • Operational comparison of several alternatives for depot location.

  • Consultation services for development projects: Hasharon Line, doubling the line to Beer Sheva, doubling the line to Nahariyya.

  • Analysis of future operational needs as a base for the expansion of the Operations and Maintenance site in Lod.


Planning Department:

  • Programs for the planning of passenger stations, including analysis of forecasts, planning of facilities at the station, defining the number of parking spaces and more. Train stations Netanya, Sapir, Beit Yehoshua, Shefayim, Segula, Hayarkon Park.

  • Update the Railway station planning edition 8.

Israel Railways
נתיבי ישראל
נתיבי ישראל.png
  • Operational analyse of Ayalon corridor tracks - railway bottleneck in Israel. The analysed configuration is of 5 tracks, 2 of them are in a tunnel. The analyse included recommendations for underground stations to be built.

  • Operational detailed analysis using rail simulation software. Analyse for Tel Aviv – Lod tracks configuration of 4 tracks and 2 tracks on the Ganot – Lod section.

  • Consult and control the design of tracks and stations in aspects of operation and service: tracks layout, turnouts configuration, track`s vertical sections, horizontal sections, passengers stations (platforms, parking, internal building station), cargo stations and more.

      The projects are:

  1. ‏Karmiel railway line, 22 track kilometers of which 5 kilometers are double tunnel track, 2 passenger stations.

  2. Beit-Shean railway line, 60 track kilometers, 4 passenger stations.

  3. Karmiel – Kiryat Shmona railway line, 58 track kilometers, 2 passenger stations, 3 freight yards.

  4. Dimona – Yerucham line.

  • Evaluation of companies' proposals for the tender: Design for upper structure, signaling and telecommunication for three railway projects.


  • Harish-Menashe Railway - An operational examination for determining the need for railway intersections, the number of tracks, rail connections, and the operation of hazardous materials trains in the tunnel.

  • The Karmiel-Kiryat Shmona track - Perform computerized simulations on various track slopes to determine the effect of the slope on the operation of freight trains.


Operational and functional design for Eilat High Speed Line:

We published a book of comprehensive operation program of Eilat Railway project, please see the link below to brief. 

Eilat line has:

255 double track kilometers of which 34 kilometers are four tracks and 10 kilometers are tunnel line. 5 passenger stations, 10 operational stations, Port Eilat freight station, shunting yard, operational and maintenance depot.

The operational design ‏includes:

  • ‏Analyze railway ridership and freight forecasts.

  • ‏Analyze railway needs of the Eilat Line and national wise, freight station at Eilat Port, freight station and depot north to Eilat, infrastructure maintenance needs, logistics needs.

  • Operational Plan for passenger and freight services, trains' frequency, trains' formation, types of rolling stock, trains' length, etc.

  • Principal design of trains' timetable.

  • Layout design of shunting yards along Eilat Line, operational and maintenance depot north to Eilat.

  • Operational design and program plan for freight terminal and Schoret Depot, include operation and maintenance requirements, storing and logistic phases, signaling and control.​

  • Analyze of operational interfaces between Schoret depot and the ports Eilat, Tunnel and Aqaba.

Cable-car Public Transportation project of Haifa:

In Israel, the Carmel cable car in Haifa project is currently under construction with six (6) passenger stations, three of which will be opened in operation.

The cable car route will be from the "Lev Hamifratz" transportation center to the Technion and the university, a ride of 4.4 km.

The cable car will operate at a high frequency and will be capable of transporting approximately 1,800 passengers per hour per direction. Each cabin can accommodate 8-10 passengers.

We take part in the Safety Case writing process to assess the operating safety of the cable car, in accordance with the regulations and standards EN50126 EN50128 EN50129.

  • Quality assurance and safety process. 

  • Designing a process for approving the operation of the cable car as a public transport (PTO - Permit To Operate), defining milestones for approval by the Ministry of Transportation, writing a strategy document, preparation of an international tender for ISA safety assessment company, micro- simulation for the flow of pedestrians at the university station in the Haifa cable car.

  • Comprehensive Safety Case that assesses the safety of operating in the Carmel cable car in all aspects, Hazard Log analysis of existing risks and proposals for minimizing them.

  • Accompanying ISA in the Caramel Cable Car project, organizing and conducting workshops on ISA issues, SAFETY AUDIT safety inspection at the manufacturer's factory in Austria.

  • Analysis of technological alternatives for extension of Carmelit Haifa along the Carmel Ridge route.

Netivei Israel
יפה נוף בע"מ
Yefe Nof Logo New.png

‏Light rail Haifa-Nazareth project

Tram-Train project with length of 40 km including 19 stations, 8 of them in urban area and 11 stations in intercity area.

  • Implementing an operational simulation for trains on the Haifa-Nazareth LRT line using special software for railway operations.

  • Analyse two alignment alternatives for the terminus stop "Taufic Ziad".

  • ‏Second opinion of the preliminary design for the LRT project. The professional analyse deals with service, operation and maintenance aspects: Ridership forecast analyse, alternatives for service lines, trains' headway, analyse the vehicle type and length, analyse alternatives for route alignment, depot operation and maintenance.

  • Prepare document for strategic activities of the LRT project comprising aspects of: financing methods, divide the project to different constructors, LRT systems, statutory issues, roles and responsibilities of the Operator & Maintenance Company and more.

Yefe Nof
חברת דן.png

Within the framework of the J-NET LRT lines network tender, approximately 20 operational simulations were made and operational & maintenance documents for the process.

The J-NET project encompasses the construction and gradual operation of a network of LRT lines, from extensions of the existing red line to the operation of 5 LRT lines and three maintenance sites.

The service lines in Jerusalem include 76 stopping stations, 40 kilometers of railway tracks, and more than 1,000 commercial trains a day.

  • Simulation of railway operations using a dedicated simulation software, RailSys, which will provide complete information of times, speeds, energy consumption, rolling stock quantity, train occupancy on platforms and more.

  • Preparation of a tender report containing an initial operational plan that includes a detailed timetable and a strategic plan for the operation and maintenance of the Jerusalem LRT.

  • Sensitivity analysis for lines reinforcement (following the increasing number of passengers).

  • Perform a sensitivity analysis to change the type of train and examine the operations in the interim stages (closing junctions and working along the tracks).

  • Providing consulting and controlling for the technical response regarding O & M operations and maintenance, as part of the tender documents.

  • Examination and reference for the depots operation plan.

  • Writing M & O management documents as requested in the tender.

The complexity of the project is on the scale of operating light rail service lines, ie every 50 seconds a train passes at the Nordau intersection.

The following tasks were carried out in compliance with the target date of submission of the tender.



תכנית אב לתחבורה בירושלים
Jerusalem Public Transport
תכנית אב לתחבורה ירושלים.png

Engineering Unit of Jerusalem Public Transport Administration

  • Consultation for the Jerusalem light rail operation, "Red Line" extensions and rail branches.


  • Design of operating plans for mid-stages of the Red Line, on the absence of full priority in junctions. The operating plans include trains' headways during peak hours and off-peak hours, required number of vehicles for each part of the operating day.

חברת כביש חוצה ישראל בע"מ
חברת כביש חוצה ישראל.gif
  • Operational analyse of Zvulun Line, focusing of the amount of tracks and platforms in Kiryat Ata station and impact of other transportations in this area.

  • Consultation and control for the design of East Railway line Hadera to Lod, 65 double track kilometers, 9 passenger stations, land port, track connections with the coast line and the Ben Gurion Airport line.

  • Eiron line Hadera to Haemeq line: Comparison analyze of route alternatives by strategic, O&M aspects.


  • Consultation and control for the design of Ahihud – Shlomi line.

  • Writing criteria for the planning of the Haifa-Nazareth LRT for subjects such as: Electrification, Signaling, Stray Current, Rolling Stock, Track alignment, Track design, Noise and Vibration

  • Preparation of an operational plan for the Haifa-Nazareth LRT, analyzing passenger forecasts, determining service lines, frequency of trains, characterization of railway schemes and buildings in Kiryat-Ata depot.

  • Preparing a list of relevant standards in the Haifa-Nazareth LRT project, which combines driving on the street and driving at 100 km/h.

  • Operational examination of route alternatives to the Be'er-Sheva bypass track.

Cross Israel Highway

CITYPASS Jerusalem Light Rail

Consulting of the Jerusalem light rail operation, trains scheduling, trains punctuality, operation events, and more.

A.B. Plan
א.ב. פלאן.jpg

A.B. Plan

  • Long term operational design for Israel Railways for the year 2040, as an integrated rail system.

  • Analyze railway ridership forecast derived from urban and industrial planning, define service lines to best fit the needs of the users, define trains' frequencies, and derive implications of the network infrastructure.

החברה הכלכלית ראשון לציון
החברה הכלכלית ראשון לציון 2.png

The economical company Rishon-Lezion

  • RFI preparation for an upgraded public transportation system, analysis of received responses, recommendation for superior technology.

  • Professional guidance on public transport in the 1000 area in Rishon Letzion.

Rishon-Lezion Economical co.
שפיר הנדסה בע"מ
Shapir Engineering
שפיר הנדסה.png

.Shapir Engineering and Industry Ltd

The Sharon Railway 531 project- Assist in preparing safety documents for the Ra'anana Tunnel Railway project. This follows implementation of EN50126 - RAMS to be assessed by ISA Company.

Rina Consulting S.P.A
Rina Consulting.png

Rina Consulting s.p.a

Due Diligence study for the red line light rail of Jerusalem:

Review and examination of functioning (propriety) the red line in aspects of maintenance, rolling stock and electrification.

רשות שדות התעופה
Israel Airports Authority
רשות שדות התעופה.png

Planning the new Allenby Terminal:


  • Analysis and streamlining the passenger flow process - Analysis of the transition process at the terminal at the entrance and exit from aspects of service and security, shortening of times and optimal utilization of the terminal area, examining alternatives for the use of luggage conveyors.

  • Micro-Simulation for pedestrian flow - Analysis of the pedestrians flow process in the terminal through all the stations in the process, analysis of bottle-necks and providing recommendations for improving and streamlining the service.

פרוייקטים בעולם
Projects Overseas

Projects Overseas

האיחוד האירופי
האיחוד האירופי.png

European Commission, Expert Evaluator For European Railway Networks

  • Evaluation of 10 European projects in the frame of the Shift 2 Rail program, deals with issues: Rail Threat Detection, Freight Automation, New adaptable communication system for all railways, Advanced signaling and automation system. 

  • European projects in the frame of the TEN-T Core Corridors.

  • ‏Evaluation of project results MODSafe – Modular Urban Transport Safety and Security Analysis. The project is financed by European Commission, done along 4 years by 22 European leading companies and organizations: Light rail and Metro operators, rail systems manufactures, transportation organizations and universities. Evaluation of the project results include professional and quality review of the project's products, and analyze their compatibility to the project scope of work.

  • Evaluate project proposals for two topics: Europe – Asia rail connection and operation of trains. European rail network as transportation substitute during major disruptions likevolcanic ash, earthquakes, floods, etc.

  • Partnership within final panel for finalizing the European Commission support of 30 railway projects.

  • ‏Evaluate project proposals for European railways on the subject of:
    "A system approach to railway operations management to increase capacity and decrease delays to railway customers' satisfaction".
    The project aims to increase the railway capacity, by identification of bottlenecks and changing timetables

רכבת גאנה
European Commission
Ghana Railway

Ghana Railway

Analyzing  three railway lines with a length of 100 kilometers and preparing an Operation feasibility Study for:


Passenger and Freight service, infrastructure parameters (rail gradient and other constraints), tracks and turnouts layout design, signaling and control systems and rolling stock needs.


Exclusive representatives in Israel of SIGNON Company

The company specializes in rail safety issues, signaling and control systems, GSM-R communication, RAMS, EN50126 standard, ISA, energy consumption and more.

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