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Simulation for Trains' Operation

About The Software

RailSys – Dedicated simulation software for trains is used by Int-Trans, 
This is powerful tool for analyzing train`s operation which takes into consideration:

  • Infrastructure, track`s gradients

  • Signaling and ATP (Automatic Train Protection) systems

  • Prioritization signaling systems in junctions

  • Acceleration and deceleration data of trains

  • Applying international operational codes/rules, UIC 406

  • Security issues and Degraded Operation

  • Planning timetables

  • Optimization gants of rolling stock

  • Track and platforms possession planning

  • And perturbations scenarios analyzing.

אירוע חפץ חשוד במנהרה.jpg

Suspicious object in the


אירוע חפץ חשוד ברחוב.jpg

Suspicious object in the street


The Simulation Results

Proper use of the simulation combined with experience and understanding of all the needs in each project leads to efficiency in many significant aspects:


  • Helps to assess the capacities

  • Cancel bottlenecks

  • Find out conflicts in operation according to timetable

  • Come to optimization of amount and location for signaling facilities

  • Assess quality of solutions and get to comprehensive operational solution

Gear Wheels

Projects Example

INT.TRANS company has a very rich experience of tens operational simulations. Some examples from the recent period:

  • Simulation to analyze the capacity in option of adding 4th track to Ayalon section
    (bottleneck of Israel Heavy Rail): 25 km of four tracks with split to Ganot and Lod, 25
    trains per direction at peak hour.

  • Green Line Metro Light Rail in Tel Aviv: the length is 39 km, 4.5 km of which is in a
    tunnel. The line has 61 stations, 5 of them are underground. The line is spread of
    four authorities.

  • South section of Red Line Light Rail, Tel Aviv: the length of the line is 24 km, 11
    km of which is in a tunnel. The line is spread of five authorities with 34 stations, 10
    of them are underground.

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