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Safety of Train Operation,


The operation of a light rail, metro or heavy rail system must have a special emphasis on safety.

The safety of the Railway Operation can be implemented in a variety of ways.

The key point in defining operational safety in a professional manner is to have a deep understanding of the railway system characteristics and its interfaces:

  • Customs and discipline of the operators

  • Customs and discipline of other users(motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians)

  • special  characteristics of the infrastructure and its surroundings (unusually steep gradients, proximity to schools or theaters etc)

We are representatives of SIGNON in Israel

The company specializes in rail safety issues, signaling and control systems, GSM-R communication, RAMS, EN50126 standard, ISA, energy consumption and more.

Subway Tracks

Implementing operational safety is defined by:


  • The method of operating the trains.

  • Correct definition of the signaling devices.

  • Safety track tails, sand traps, buffers.

  • Safety fences, platform screen doors.

  • A set of procedures and regulations for safe operation of the train.

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