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Light Rail
רכבת קלה
רכבת קלה.png

Light Rail

Design and operating Light Rail must consider special conditions:

  • The operation philosophy of light rail is Line of Sight Driving.

  • Mass transport which translates to high number of passengers that board and alight at each station.

  • A high percentage of standing passengers in the trains.

  • LRT operation is highly affected by the degree of priority at traffic intersections.

  • Interfaces with pedestrians, motorcyclists, motorists.


Heavy Rail

Heavy rail is the backbone of the public transportation system and it provides the main intercity service.

‏In order that heavy rail will attract passengers and freight, the operation and service design should suit the clients' needs.

רכבת כבדה.png

‏An example for unique success can be seen in the re-definition of Israel Railways service lines in the year 1999 (Based on UIC figures):

categories1 (1).png

A proper integration of heavy rail with the urban transportation systems will lead to the question

"Do I need to use my private car?"

רכבת כבדה
Heavy Rail

Cable Car

The cable cars are used as a means of daily transportation and as an attraction for tourists in cities and ski resorts.

The transportation systems can be applied in various ways, using the technology of a cable car or other vehicles which are drawn by cable.

The technological possibilities are many and varied. It is important to examine each case individually and to adapt the most appropriate technological solution.

Public transportation by cable (cable car or funicular) is characterized by very high reliability of about 99% and very low operation and maintenance costs.

All this is achieved because the trains are not manned and are not motorized (there is no engine in the train).

Examples of cable car implementation:

  • A classic cable car of a vehicle that hangs under a cable with a capacity of 4 to 15 passengers: It is applied around the world in ski resorts, tourist spots and urban areas.

  • Funicular (moving on rail with bottom cable) with a steep floor for steep inclines. With long-term durability of service and a curved terrain. Applied at the Carmelit in Haifa.

  • APM - Automated People Mover moving on a track with a cable inside. Operated by 2 trains, each train has a capacity of 200-300 passengers. Used mainly for connecting an airport with the city center and can also serve as a shuttle service from sports stadiums.

  • Pinched Loop - a number of trains moving on a track with cable inside. Each train can release the grip from the cable and move to an independent movement along the station platform. The configuration allows high frequency operation because three or more trains can be operated at the same time.

Venice People Mover.jpg

Venice people mover

Pisa People Mover.jpg

Pisa people mover

Perugia Mini-Metro.jpg

Perugia mini-metro

Cable Car


‏The Metro operation philosophy depends on control and monitoring systems,

ATS (Automatic Train Supervision), ATO (Automatic Train Operation).

The metro is operated at high speed between stations, and slows down only at stations. Underground stations can serve as shelters during war times.

The basis of well defined design for Metro operation is professional analysis of the ridership forecast, so that the trains operation matches the passenger service:

רכבת מטענים.png



Rail freight operation has similar parameters to passenger service:

  • Different load types as compared to commuter/occasional passenger.

  • Different types of cars and locomotives.

  • Service line between the factory and the port (Intercity), local service.

The high load of freight trains has implications on:

The maximum gradient, number of cars and locomotives in each train, adding or reducing locomotives along the train route.

Safety Case

Safety Case

There are hazards for humans in every rail line or cable car. Those hazards shall be analyzed and defining means which can mitigate them.

INT.TRANS is the sole company in Israel which the employees have been passed a dedicated authorization for executing Safety Cases, according to the accepted regulation and the standards EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129.

Project for example:

Carmel cable car - The comprehensive preparation of safety case that assesses the safety of operating in the Carmel cable car of all aspects, Hazard Log analysis of existing risks and recommendations for minimizing them.


Hasharon Railway - In the HaSharon Railway Project 531 Raanana-Kfar Saba we participate in the preparation of a Safety Case, in accordance with the RAMS-EN50126 standard, for ISA control.

Safety case.jpg

EN 50126 – Life Cycle

תעודת הסמכה קרן.jpg
תעודת הסמכה צביקה.jpg


Safety Case
תכניות אב
Architecture Model Sketching

Master Plan

‏A long term strategic plan is based on a master plan, that analyzes the service and operation needs, in a broad perspective, of the entire rail network, the metropolis transportation net etc.

Following demand forecasts, passengers and freight, the service lines policy can be defined as well as lines' frequency, the needed infrastructure to support the operation and more.

דיפו, מתחמי תפעול ותחזוקה
Garage Doors

Operation and Maintenance Depot

The depot is a "factory" which combines many activities: Rolling stock maintenance, washing, sand refill, empting toilets, refueling, stabling, test track, storage areas.

The depot design should enable an "assembly line" process, so that the movements inside the depot will be direct and quick, without unnecessary shunting. Such a design will achieve the appropriate servicing for the vehicle in the shortest possible time frame.

A Man Welding
Workers at Gas Plant
Engine Block Pressure Testing
Master Plan
O & M Depot
אפיון תפעולי

Operational Design


INT.TRANS  has a wealth of experience in many varied operational designs, which include, amongst others:

  • How many main tracks are needed?

  • Intersection of different main tracks – is it possible with a junction connection, or is there a need for a bypass connection?

  • Amount and location of bypass stations

  • Amount of station tracks and platforms.

  • Length of station tracks and platforms.

  • Amount and location of turnouts, type of turnout which defines the train speed.

Operational Design
אפיון איתות

‏‏‏Signaling Design


INT.TRANS  has a very rich experience of dozens of signaling system design, control and monitor systems design:


  • The type of signals and their location.

  • Is there a need for bi-direction signals?

  • ATP system (Automatic Train Protection)

  • Automatic system for route lock.

  • ATO system (Automatic Train Operation).

  • Control Center – Amount of needed work stations, define roles of responsibilities for each type of operator.

Signaling Design

Micro-Simulation for

Passenger & Pedestrians Flow

The micro-simulation software simulates, through a wide range of data that we feed, the reality that is expected to occur in a particular project.

For example, a simulation of passenger movement at an airport where many processes (security checks, check-in, customs, waiting, shopping, arrival of vehicles, etc.) are carried out simultaneously and in accordance with the architectural plans, forecasts of passenger quantities, passenger type, Flight times, transit schedule and more.

The implementation of micro-simulation for the movement of passengers and pedestrians is vital and significant in many types of projects - Train stations, bus stops, airports, crowded streets, pedestrian streets, stadiums, malls and other spaces.

Here are some key advantages - 

  • Locating bottlenecks from the planning stage.

  • Potential for large economic savings when carried out during the planning stage, e.g. removal of escalators / elevators due to over planning.

  • Infrastructure optimization when performing at the planning stage, for example - increasing/reducing spaces according to the results.

  • Checking different scenarios to cover all possibilities, e.g. increasing the number of pedestrians, increasing the frequency of trains, different location of means of passage, etc.

  • Defining many variables at the passenger level for optimal characterization of the project, for example, commuters who know the space/casual passengers who find it difficult to orient themselves.

  • The simulation analyzes constitute a decision support tool for each project (configuration of positions, location and quantity of means, etc.)

  • Examination of emergency scenarios such as evacuation during fire, explosion and various security events.

The use of micro simulation in the planning stage of a project is ideal and recommended; 

As the simulation takes place early, the possibilities for important changes are better and the financial costs are lower

 Certificates - PTV

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Meytar - Vissim.jpg
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מיקרו-סימולציה לתנועת נוסעים
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