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Micro-simulation for pedestrian, vehicles and public transportation flow


The Advantages of Micro-Simulation


The implementation of micro-simulation for the movement of passengers and pedestrians is vital and significant in many types of projects - railway stations, bus stations, airports, stadiums, shopping malls and other spaces.

Here are the main benefits - 

  • Locating bottlenecks from the planning stage.

  • Potential for large economic savings when carried out during the planning stage, e.g. removal of escalators / elevators due to over planning.

  • Infrastructure optimization when performing at the planning stage, for example - increasing/reducing spaces according to the results.

  • Checking different scenarios to cover all possibilities, e.g. increasing the number of pedestrians, increasing the frequency of trains, different location of means of passage, etc.

  • Defining many variables at the passenger level for optimal characterization of the project, for example, commuters who know the space/casual passengers who find it difficult to orient themselves.

  •  The simulation analyzes constitute a decision support tool for each project (configuration of positions,   location and quantity of means, etc.)

  •  Examination of emergency scenarios such as evacuation during fire, explosion and various security events.

The software

Our company has extensive experience in editing and analyzing micro simulations for passenger and pedestrian traffic.

This experience led us to use two professional micro-simulation software, using each of the software according to the needs and characteristics of the project.

Here are some key features of the software -

  • An advanced algorithm for simulating the thinking of a traveler looking for the combination of the short way and the fast way.

  • Simulation and visualization of many processes - ticket purchase, validation, security check, passports inspection and more.

  • Implementation of architectural plans for maximum accuracy.

  • Setting up a timetable of trains, metro, buses and other public transport means.

  • Outputs - graphical analyzes of the load of people, density maps, average duration and more.

  • The possibility of analyzing various sensitive scenarios, defining various emergency situations.

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Both programs are based on many physiological studies conducted around the world

Simulation Validation - The software was validated by real-time projects and proved reliable

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All Videos

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From the Projects

Our company has accumulated a very rich experience of micro-simulations for various purposes -

  • Train stations

  • LRT stations

  • Cable-Car stations

  • Border crossings

  • Pedestrian movement on the street

  • Linking means of transportation

All our projects include density analyzes, walking speed analyzes and more -

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