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Master Plan

for National/Metropolis Transportation Networks

The Planning Ideal

‏A long term strategic plan is based on a master plan, that analyzes the service and operational needs in a broad perspective for the entire rail network, the metropolis transportation net etc.

Following analysis of the demand forecasts, passengers and freight, the service lines policy can be defined, as well as line frequency and the required infrastructure to support the operation and many other details.

INT.TRANS  is focusing on developing new methodologies that are both

tailor-made and realistic.

Process Example

Grouping station according to geographical location

Ridership forecast, Origin/Destination matrix format

Ridership forecast by groups of stations

Forecast analysis by main origin and destination

Review of existing operational plans

Initial assumptions required for rail infrastructure

Preliminary planning for rail service - Year X



Preparing updated ridership forecast

Rail Service policy updated for year X

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