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Operational Design

What is an Operational Design problem?

‏‏A railway operational design problem can have numerous solutions. In order to reach an efficient solution, one must incorporate deep knowledge of the entire railway operation components together with practical experience in railway operation.

How to solve an Operational Design problem?

This is the only way to reach a solution, that is: primarily answering the service targets (passengers or freight) and is aiming at the best solution, conditioned by the various constraints of the rail system.

Our Services

Within the Operational Design area  INT.TRANS  specializes in providing efficient solutions for all rail operational aspects:

  • Analysis to determine the required amount of Rolling Stock.

  • Bottleneck analysis in order to optimize the network capacity.

  • Comparison of alternatives for depot location.

  • Operational analysis to gain punctuality and increase the service quality.

  • Managing the network train traffic in real time.

  • Define the amount of work stations within a control center, and roles of responsibilities for each type of operator.

  • Operational plan for special conditions, emergency situations, and degraded operation.

A professional analysis and design leads to outstanding results:

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