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Operational Design of Infrastructure, Signaling and Control Systems

The tracks, turnouts, stations, platforms and the signaling system should support and enable the operation of the rail system, in a safe and efficient manner.

Following the definition of the operation plan; the service lines, their frequencies, and the infrastructure can be defined.


How characterization is performed

  • How many main tracks are needed?

  • Intersection of different main tracks – will a junction connection suffice, or is there a need for a bypass connection?

  • Number and location of bypass stations.

  • Number of station tracks and platforms.

  • Length of station tracks and platforms.

  • Number and location of turnouts and their type - which defines the train speed.

System advantages

The signaling system, control and monitor devices enable safe and efficient operation:

  • The type of signals and their location.

  • Is there a need for bi-direction signals?

  • ATP system (Automatic Train Protection)

  • Automatic system for route lock.

  • ATO system (Automatic Train Operation).

  • Control Center – Number of required work stations and the definition of the roles of responsibilities for each type of operator.

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